SUNFOOT Shoe Dryer Supports CHJGC 2020

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The China (Hainan) Junior Golf Classic event started from 2017, In the past four years, it has gradually developed into an important part of the Hainan Junior Golf Tournament.

SUNFOOT as top producer of shoe dryer and sterilizer, always pay attention on foot care, teenagers are future, SUNFOOT dryer and sterilizer can help players to deal with wet and sweat shoes, a comfortable shoes can assist players to have a good performance in plays.

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The China (Hainan) Junior Golf Classic is positioned as an international youth tournament, Competition points are recognized and recorded by CJGR, WAGR and JGS. The first three Hainan Classics attracted many young players from all over the world to participate. This year, affected by the Covid 19, the current China (Hainan) Junior Golf Classic will not accept international and domestic youths from middle and high-risk areas for the safety and health of all participants. This year's China (Hainan) Junior Golf Classic is divided into eight groups: men's, women's U23, U19, U13 and U10.

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In order to promote the rich golf courses and tourism resources of Hainan, in order to promote and popularize golf sports, have more families and young people can understand and experience the charm and connotation of golf, 2020 China (Hainan) Youth Golf Classic Committee organized golf "open days" activities, provided free opportunities for young people to contact and experience golf, Sunfoot will supports Hainan golf and China golf, we believe that there will be more and more China players in world golf games.

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