What to do if Teenagers Have Stinky Feet and Shoes?

Date: 2020-11-21 Writer: Sunfoot Views:

It's happy to see teenagers to have fun with sports everyday. However it will bring headache for parents when smelly shoes are put in the house. Feet generate lots sweats after doing sports, which is the reason to cause smelly shoes. The warm and moist shoes are ideal for the growth of fungi and bacteria. Not only do they cause smelly shoes, they can also cause athlete's foot and nail fungus. That is why it is important to clean and dry your shoes regularly.


Sunfoot is born to care our feet health and that will give us a lifetime benefit. It efficiently kills the bacteria and fungi causing the feet odor and itches, or athlete foot, and drys the shoes inside out. By recovering a pair of dry and clean shoes, Sunfoot Shoes Dryer helps to enhance your feet health and overall well-being.


Sunfoot multifunctional smart dryer is designed to make deep treatment to our wearings such as shoes, gloves and helmets. Typically, it starts to kill bacteria and fungus inside the wearings with a stable generation of Ozone which is good at sterilization and odor removing. Then, it continues to dry the wearings with an adjustable generation of heat between 40C to 70C. What we need do is just put the wearings on the hands of the machine and it will start to work automatically. When the set program is done,  it stops automatically and your dry, comfortable and healthy wearings are back.