Back to School: Pay Attention to Shoe Bacteria

Date: 2020-11-23 Writer: Sunfoot Views:

After long epidemic prevention,  it will be time to re-open the school gates for kids to return to school- new shoes and all. Teachers too will be wrapped up in back to school madness, getting their class back into the routine of school and ensuring lessons are planned. There is another thing that shouldn't be disregarded as feet walk once again into the classroom: bacteria.

Why should schools worry?

It's easy to forget about shoe bacteria due to the simple fact that people can't see it. At home, leaving shoes at the front door is common practice for a clean and tidy house, but of course this isn't usually possible in a learning environment and as a result the bacteria that is found on the bottom of shoes is all too often transferred inside. An unnerving level of bacteria can be walked inside, with a shoe inspection study at the University of Arizona finding over 421 000 different types of bacteria such as E-coli as well as faeces. According to the study, 99% of shoe bacteria is shifted to indoor surfaces.


Once the germs are brought indoors, it can also settle for a long time and can develop into something potentially more harmful. Another study, from University of Houston, showed that 26.4% of shoes carry Clostridium Difficile and 40% had Listeria Monocytogenes, both capable of causing infection.

Even Charles Gerba, a University of Arizona microbiologist who conducted a seminal study on the subject, was surprised. " For the study, 10 people wore brand-new shoes for two weeks before their kicks were sampled for bacteria. The outside of the shoes averaged 421,000 units of bacteria, compared with 2,887 on the inside. And fecal bacteria appeared on 96% of the shoes. 

In order to avoid harmful germs being walked into school buildings, a range of entrance mats that can clean shoes at the door, preventing bacteria being transferred onto carpets and other inside surfaces come out in the market. But this only clean the shoe surfaces in some way, it can't kill the bateria, fungas and virus in dethp and keep the feet healthy. Sunfoot shoe sterilizers care about foot health. It can dry the shoes first to destroy the wet living environment and then kill bateria, fungas and viruswith ozone. It has been tested by professional testing lab that its sterilization efficiecny is up to 99%.

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Students are gathering together everyday in schools and tend to be infected by others' sickness. That's why we should pay more attention on shoes bacteria and take effective way to reduce the possibility of infection.