Do You Feel Embarrassed When Taking off Shoes?

Date: 2021-03-31 Writer: Sunfoot Views:

Do you feel uncomfortable when visiting a friend’s house and you are asked to take your shoes off because you are afraid that your shoes might smell bad?

Do you feel embarrassed because your shoes smell bad even after washing them many times?

Do you feel like you have tried all the “magic” tricks that you read online and still you see no results?

If the answer is yes, then is your lucky day because SUNFOOT have the perfect solution to your problem.

Daily sport activities make our feet release excessive sweat causing moisture inside shoes. Bacteria and fungi reproduce in the damp shoes causing odors which can lead to foot diseases,such as athlete's foot. Sunfoot smart shoe dryer has high-effective sterilization and deodorization by ozone,and fast drying. It can clean and fresh shoes effectively,protecting the health of your and your family's feet.


How does SUNFOOT shoe dryer work to solve your problems?

First step:Sterilization &Deodorization

Active ozone effectively kills common bacteria in shoes and trichophyton rubrum that causes foot odor.Sterilizing rate is over 99%.

Second step:Fast drying by heating air

Strong heating air can quickly remove moisture.

Drying temperature is adjustable from 40℃ to 70℃,suitable for a variety of shoes.

High temperature rise make it suitable to use in extremely cold weather.

Smart infrared sensor,automatic start when placing shoes.

Ergonomic design,convenient to pick and place,suitable for variety of shoes types.

Special hollers,make helmet fast and easy to dry.

APP Smart control,multiple protection,safe and worry-free.

If you still have foot odor problem after taking off shoes, then SUNFOOT anti-bactierial socks can help you futherly. It's designed with high-tech material, which has a great performance in warmth retention property, deodorant property and antimicrobial activity. According to the test report, its Odour Reduction Rate for Ammonia is 97.9% and for Acetic Acid is 98.4%. The Inhibition Rate for Staphylococcus Aureus is 94.65%; for Colon Bacillus is 85.81%  and for Candida Albicans is 82.39%. Wearing SUNFOOT socks, your feet will feel super comfartable and dry even after long time walking or exercise. Trying is believing! Just contact the sales center now!

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