1. Why should we use SUNFOOT shoe dryer and sterilizer?

 SUNFOOT shoe dryer and sterilizer helps you get rid of your bad feeling of wet, cold and bad-smelled shoes.


2. Where should we use SUNFOOT shoe dryer and sterilizer?

SUNFOOT shoe dryer and sterilizer can be used at home, in hotel rooms, sauna centers, office and beauty salons, you name it.


3. What kind of Bacteria do SUNFOOT shoe dryer and sterilizer kill?

- Candida Albicans

- Trichophyton mentagrophytes

- Escherichia coli

Except the above tested common bacteria, SUNFOOT shoe dryer and sterilizer also has function on killing some other bacteria and fungi.

AIRWOODS reserves the final interpretation.


4. How Ozone Generator Air Purifiers Work?

Ozone generators work by electrically charging oxygen (o2) and converting it into ozone (o3). Activated ozone attaches itself to impurities and neutralizes them. The ozone breaks down quickly and reverts back into oxygen. Mother Earth creates ozone and purifies the air in the same way, which is why the air smells so crisp and clean after a thunderstorm. Ozone generators have been used worldwide for decades in residential, commercial, and industrial applications such as hospitals, hotels, and HVAC systems to name a few. They're effective in treating mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, germs, viruses, odors and cigarette smoke.


5. Are you factory or trading company? 

 We're factory with professional sales team.


6. What payment items acceptable?

 T/T,  L/C,  Western Union, Paypal, etc


7. What's the warranty?

 One Year 


8. Do you offer OEM service?


Yes, of course