Does Sunfoot Shoe Sterilizer & Dryer has Automatic Control and Manual Control

Your SUNFOOT Sterilizer & Dryer has infrared sensor control (automatic start and stop) as well as optional manual control.

1. AUTOMATIC CONTROL (Infrared Sensor Control)
INFRARED SENSOR: The sensor is installed in top one third of each air pipe, see Figure 1.
In most cases, you can start the dryer by this control mode. Simply put shoes, boots, gloves, socks or helmet etc. on the air pipes, make sure the shoes or gloves extend downward enough to cover the infrared sensor. Then your dryer starts to work and stops when set time is up or when you take away shoes, gloves, socks or helmet.
IMPORTANT: when you prefer to start SUNFOOT by automatic control, please make sure the object you put on left air pipe must be lightproof and cover the sensor otherwise SUNFOOT cannot start automatically. In case the sensor cannot be covered or object is not lightproof, your SUNFOOT can be started by MANUAL CONTROL.

auto control.jpg

You can start and stop your SUNFOOT by manual in any case, and you have to start your SUNFOOT by manual control in case of sensor cannot be covered separately or unnecessary to be covered like:
2.1 You want to purify your newly decorated house or a wet and smelly wardrobe. Simply move the dryer to a right place and start it manually.
2.2 You want to sterilize and dry a small item like baby socks which cannot cover the infrared sensor, start your dryer manually.
2.3 Similar situations like above.

2.4 The automatic control has failed.

To start your SUNFOOT by manual, just press and hold button + and - together, press them together again to stop it.