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SUNFOOT Antibacterial Socks


Sunfoot performance socks are engineered with targeted compression and anatomical design to create a custom-like fit and prevent the issues people have with conventional socks. It has great performance in warmth retention property deodorant property and antimicrobial activity.
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As a pioneer manufacturer in developing new eco-friendly technology, Sunfoot is born to care our feet health. The newly invented Sunfoot sport socks is a very unique piece of sunfoot family. We changed the rules on how socks work with the foot in motion. Sunfoot performance socks are engineered with targeted compression and anatomical design to create a custom-like fit and prevent the issues people have with conventional socks. But this is only the beginning. The innovation fiber wick the sweat away and keep your feet fresh and clean. Say goodbye to Athlete feet. No matter where you are going, your feet always feel fresh in Sunfoot socks.

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The Advantages of Sunfoot Performance Socks

1) Instant Style and Performance Boost – You will feel the difference immediately. Enjoy an athletic snug fit and all the benefits of compression with no bunching or pinching. Our Power Support technology provides stability with maximum circulation for ideal oxygen and blood flow to your feet and ankles. Now you can go harder, for longer, with less pain and swelling to push yourself through that last mile. Our ankle compression socks provide just the right support – exactly where you need it!


2) Because Your Feet Deserve Sunfoot – Finally! Washable, Premium quality material with long-lasting durability. Sunfoot socks will take you wherever you need to go in style. Reinforced, shock absorbing toe and heel cushion and moisture wicking fabric will help you push through whether you're on your feet all day at work, running a half marathon, playing your favorite sport or needing fast plantar fasciitis pain relief. Stop suffering and start feeling great!


3) Experience a New Level of Comfort – Some compression ankle socks are too tight, too thick, with painful seams, and material that creates blisters. Why settle for anything less than the best? Our Premium ComfortFlex design is carefully constructed with quality double stitching to provide an ultra durable, moisture wicking, thin, lightweight and breathable fit that doesn't slide down or cut off your circulation. The perfect balance of mobility and stability, so you can get the foot, ankle and arch


4) Designed for any activities - Designed for everyday use and boost your performance for any sport activity, Yoga, Gym, Cycling, Running, Walking, Standing, Travel, or just sitting on the couch.

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Sunfoot uses revolutionary functional fabric which generates heat by absorption of moisture. The heat generated when the fibers absorb moisture (the absorption heat) with three times higher compare to wool. In addition, this almighty multi-function material has other functions like deodorizing and antibacterial.


Heat generated by moisture absorption:

Sunfoot performance socks contains "new organic polymer fiber" which generate large amount of moisture absorption heat by making hydrophilic groups hold on by improvement of a fiber's surface, and raising the absorption capability of surrounding moisture. The ability to generate a large quantity of moisture absorption heat of "new organic polymer fiber" fabric is excellent, this ability is 3 times higher than wool fabric. The average temperature rise of Sunfoot socks can reaches 6.3 ℃. The maximum temperature rise can achieve 9.7℃.

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Deodorization effect:

Sunfoot performance socks has deodorizing effect in regard to acetic acid, ammonia, Isovaleric acid and Nonanal. Only eliminating 85% of the above molecules can be authentically called as deodorization. Sunfoot performance socks efficiently reduce the odor caused by the reproduction of microorganisms. The deodorant property for ammonia and acetic acid can reaches to 97.9% and 98.4%.


Antibacterial function:

“new organic polymer fiber” fibre contains Ammonium (NH4+) can form Schiff base which is well proved antimicrobial against bacterial. The positive ions of the antimicrobial can react with the negative ions on the cell wall. Form polymer membrane, prevent the delivery of nutrients to the cells. Negative charge distribution on the surface of cell wall and cell membrane becomes uneven, and this promotes the destruction of cell wall synthesis and dissolution balance. Sunfoot socks efficiently destroy 94.65% Staphylococcus aureus, 85.81% Colon Bacillus and 82.39% Candida Albicans.

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Video of SUNFOOT Comfortable Anti-bacterial Performance Socks for Sports