Sunfoot Shoes Dryer

Sunfoot Miltifunctional Shoes Dryer Standard Version

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No more stinky shoes in the house. Gets rid of odours, bacteria and fungi.
Never put on wet shoes again. No more messing around with newspapers.
Easy to use and fast: automatically starts and stops. Ready in 25 minutes.
A wide range of uses: shoes, boots, shin guards and gloves.
Hygienically clean: recommended by pedicurists. Effective against reinfection of Athlete's foot and nail ringworm.

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Size (HxLxW) 28.3 x 18 x 33 cm
Weight 1.7 kg
Accessories included shoe holders
Cord length 2 metres
CE approved Yes
Voltage 230V50Hz/1PH
Power output 7-300W
Electricity costs per year 9,- with 25 minutes use per day